We are a knitting company with CMS, Stoll and Shima machines. Gauges range from 14g, 10g, 7g, 5g and 3g. specialising in a wide range of products.

  1. Throws
  • Babies 70 x 90 – Adult 180 x 250
  • Cables/Reversible fabrics/matching cushions/textural stitches
  • Suitable for guesthouses, game lodges and hospitality industry
  • Cotton & mohair
  1. Wraps
  • Unique product
  1. Childrens
  • Acrylic & cotton in a wide range of colours
  • Babies to 13/14 yrs
  1. Mens and ladies fashion knitwear
  • In wide range of gauges and yarns
  • Acrylic, cotton, wool and mohair
  1. Uniform and Corporate
  • Jerseys in acrylic, cotton, wool and wool blends
  • Sweaters and cardigans with fabric trims, with or without embroidery
  1. School jerseys
  • Competitively priced sweaters, cardigans in acrylic
  • Various styles
  1. Accessories
  • Scarves/beanies in acrylic, cotton and wool blends


For more information on knitting products please contact:

Annie Hill (Agent Cape Town)
082 774 1621